Really Shit Coffee - Probably The Worst Coffee In The World

Show someone you care by giving them the worst coffee they have ever tasted.

When you buy a pack of Really Shit Coffee, that's exactly what you're going to get. This stuff is horrible. Perfect for your annoying mother-in-law or that coffee-snob we all love to hate. We have searched far and wide for this shit, please know that the coffee you will receive will be highly... Shit.

But... Why?

I've had the very best blends during my travels to Argentina and Peru, now I'm on a mission to provide the worst cup of coffee known to man. During my lifetime I've met many coffee snobs who think they know coffee. This is for everyone who thinks they're on a higher level of consciousness because they drink six cups a day.

How much do I get?

6-8 brews in our heat-sealed pouches.

Pricing & Shipping

$7.99. Beat that, Starbucks. Order before 2PM for same day shipping. Shipping is available worldwide.

Pay $7.99 via PayPal
Really Shit Coffee - Probably The Worst Coffee In The World

Are you ready for some really shit coffee? Prank your friends or gift your loved ones. All coffee is posted the day after your order. Enjoy!

Pay $7.99 via PayPal
Disclaimer: You can drink this coffee. You will not die, but your taste buds will wish they could.

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